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Blasting & Coating

Automatic shot blasting equipment are use to take care of the needs for steel treatment in accordance with SA 2.5 and SA 3 specifications with the provision of in-house painting for better steel finishes and protection. The various blasting and coating techniques are complete solution that emphasize an anti-corrosion services either in blasted red or gey oxide.

Concrete Wall

Cutting & Drilling

A high-precision industrial laser cutting is using to cut length steel material into pieces to minimizing wastage. This makes it possible for us to work with a wider range of materials, such as mild steel and stainless steel. In order to achieve the best results, our new laser cutting equipment are capable to handle thicker materials more quickly while offer flexibility, productivity and reliability to fulfill the needs and schedule of our customers while retaining the highest level of precision.



Galvanising is the process of inter-metallic bonding between steel with zinc by dipping fabricated steel into a molten zinc. The zinc and iron combine through metallurgy to create a tightly-bonded alloy layer that shields the metal against deterioration and other damage. It is the most widely-used and effective methods of corrosion protection for building materials such as steel.

Delivery Services

Our in-house transportation fleet to accomodate customers' delivery requirements.

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